IH Classic Frypan 24cm
IH Classic Frypan 24cm
November 17, 2017
IH Classic Frypan 30cm
IH Classic Frypan 30cm
November 17, 2017

IH Classic Frypan 26cm



Body: Aluminum alloy coin press
Thickness: 2.6mm
Interior: Teflon® Classic non-stick coating
Exterior: Red heat resistant paint
Bottom: With Stainless Steel plate good for Induction cooker
Handle: Phenolic handle
Size: 26 cm
Package: With paper sleeve, 10pcs / carton


Compatible with all heat sources

2-layer coating with excellent corrosion resistance, non-adhesiveness, and abrasion resistance

Non-stick and can be cooked with a small amount of oil

Non-stick and easy to clean!


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